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Arches Watercolor 1114lb/640gsm Cold Press 40x60, sheet

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Arches Watercolor  1114lb/640gsm Cold Press 40x60, sheet

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Arches ® Watercolor - the ultimate reference paper for professional watercolorists and artists. Made in France since 1492. 100% cotton, made on a cylinder mould, and gelatin sized. The beauty and quality of Arches watercolor papers make them suitable for watercolors, gouache, acrylics, oil and ink. Arches is available in cold press, hot press and rough. Acid-free.

Ref. 204001236
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Arches Watercolor Paper is a professional grade watercolor paper of the highest quality. Manufactured in the same French mill since 1492, Arches watercolor papers are produced on a cylinder mould with pure French stream water. 100% Cotton and made with natural gelatin sizing. Each sheet of Arches watercolor paper is hand inspected to ensure consistancy and durability. Arches is strong enough to handle multiple washes of color, masking fluid, scrubbing and artist tape without damage to the surface. Each sheet is permeated with sizing to give each fiber a consistent feel and absorbency. It is an ideal paper for watercolor and other wet media, and can also be used for drawing and printmaking.Available in a variety of sizes and 3 different surfaces (cold press, hot press, rough). Acid Free.

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