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History of Brands


1° Canson® History :

Canson History began in 1557 in the Beaujolais. It combines a family saga and technical discoveries that have revolutionized the paper industry: the vellum, the color in pulp and paper layer are some examples of these inventions.

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2° Royal Talens® History :

Step back in time to the  history of Royal Talens: since the inception of the company in 1899 to 110th anniversary in 2009.

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3° History of Arches® Papermills  :

1492, that  is the date is recorded in history as the start of the brand, even if talks of the first grain mill in the valley date back to 1469.

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4° Traditional manufacturing of paper :

The manufacture of paper round form is a very traditional process, closest to the hand-made (but without the drawbacks - defects, irregularities, ...) and the principle has remained unchanged since its inception in the early nineteenth century.

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5° The manufacturing of paper, flat table

Here are the major stages in the manufacture of paper flat on the table, manufacturing process widely used.

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6° The manufacturing of paper OR (How paper is made)

The paper IS made from what ?

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