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Wash tips

A graduated wash can be applied in just a few seconds. The slightest tough up will change the color variation.  Learn how to go from dark to light and light to dark.

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Doing a Flat Wash

Just getting started and need to read up on watercolor and gouache basics? Here are some quick and easy tips when doing a basic flat wash.

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Gouache is an essential tool for artists and designers. Work in layers or create a diluted watercolor effect for spontaneous creations or precision work.



talens gouache

Gouache, under the name Gouache extra fine quality. A gouache is an opaque paint with a high pigment load that completely obscures the ground. The...

Montval watercolor

Canson Montval® is a luxurious French watercolor paper designed by painter Gaspard Maillol; Canson® manufactured at his request in the...

Arches Watercolor

Arches watercolor paper is a 100% cotton paper.  Arches Watercolor Paper is a professional grade watercolor paper of the highest quality....

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