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Water Mixable Oil

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Instructional videos on Cobra Water Mixable Oil

Imagine the freedom to paint anywhere! Mix the paints with water; no solvents required! Check out these videos to learn how to use and be inspired by Cobra.

Check out the videos

Cobra Painting Medium and Glazing Medium

Painting medium is used to make the paint thinner, more transparent and fatter.

Watch instructional videos to learn more.

Enjoy the freedom of painting just about everywhere. No need for harmful solvents. Get inspired with water mixable oil paint!




Royal Talens

The history of Royal Talens dates back to 1899 when Martin Talens founded the "Dutch factory for paints, lacquers and inks", in Apeldoorn, the...

Cobra - Water Mixable Oil Color

Cobra Water Mixable oil Color is a true professional grade oil color which is specifically formulated to be thinned, mixed and cleaned with water...


Talens offers a very complete and innovative range of auxiliary materials for artists, indispensable for almost every painting technique. These...

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