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Carefully select your materials for art restoration

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The instruments and products used by restorers are both simple and very specific. Everyone has his own needs, do the same: make your own assortment!


Tools of investigation


    A magnifying glass: for a better look at tiny faults (for example, in the paint layer).

    •  An ultraviolet lamp, known as "Wood's lamp:" to study varnishes (which appear in varying shades of green depending on thickness and age). The lamp will also aid in distinguishing areas which have already been repainted.
    •  One or more strong lamps: to aid in your visual examination.
    •  A camera: take photos from many angles and refer to your photos as you work, especially to fill a gap precisely.


    Daily equipment


    •  A basin (of the type, for example, for photo developing) for soaking and treatments.          
    •  Cotton swabs, absorbent cotton, craft sticks, white chalk.
    •  Flat spatulas, a cutter, scissors.
    •  Paintbrushes and brushes of varying stiffnesses, feather duster, eraser powder, rags, sponges...
    •  Wooden wedges, sandpaper and corks for pouncing
    •  Paper towels, blotters,


    For each product, a single use


    •  Diluted vinyl and tylose glue for engravings.
    •  Pine oil cleaner, to clean the stretcher.
    •  Bleach, sodium hyposulphite to brighten engravings.
    •  Citrate of ammonia to remove grease from the varnish.
    •  Solvent (for example isopropanol) to lighten the varnish.
    •  A filler for smoothing.
    •  Watercolors or special restoration paints.
    •  Varnish for retouching.


    But also


    For work on the stretcher: a small prybar, staples and a fabric stapler.

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