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The Chine-collé technique (La Technique du Chine) in engraving

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Artist : Charlotte Reine


By simply applying a sheet of China paper on the plate during Printing, this easy technique makes it possible to create a slightly different background for your engraved subject than with your usual paper.

You can even have fun creating different backgrounds by using decorative papers!




Photographie : La profondeur de champ (PDC)

1. Preparing the China paper


Cut your China paper very accurately to the format of the plate you want to use for printing.

Bear in mind that the paper will become longer when it goes under the press, take this into consideration when you are Preparing the format of your paper.




Photographie : La profondeur de champ (PDC)

2. Pasting the paper


Draw your frame and place your inked plate on the plate of the press.

Lightly paste your China paper with white glue.





Photographie : La profondeur de champ (PDC)

3. Putting under the press


Delicately place your China paper on your plate, with the pasted side facing upwards.

Then place the paper you are using for printing on the China paper.

Make sure you place your paper in the correct position! Gently pull down the printing felts and put your plate through the press.  



Photographie : La profondeur de champ (PDC)

4. Printing


Gently remove your engraving taking care not to peel off your China paper.

Then dry your proof between two sheets of blotting paper with weights on top.





Useful tip:

Using this basic technique you can paste all types of fine papers: coloured tissue paper, decorative paper, cut-outs. Bear in mind however that the resilience of your proof will also depend on the quality of the paper you have chosen to paste.

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