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Create a geometric composition with paper

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Time required:  2hours


For a design-inspired decor... create a piece of wall art by piling up paper pyramids.


List of materials:

  • Canson® Mi-Teintes 160g/m2: Anis, Sand, Sepia, Southern seas, Ultramarine, Ivy, Pearl
  • Craft knife - scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Paper glue (with brush applicator)
  • Self-adhesive hanger
  • Template: Pyramids




Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 1: Templates


Download and print out the pyramid patterns on papiers Canson® Mi-teintes, with at least one sheet of each colour. .






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 2: Cutting out


Use scissors to cut out all the templates and then mark the folds using a ruler.

For aesthetic reasons, it's a good idea to mark the fold on the front of the paper (the un-printed side) to ensure crisp edges; use the cut-out templates to help you.




Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 3: Glueing


Assemble all your pyramids by glueing the tabs one by one.







Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 4: Base


Cut out a 22cm square from the cardboard and glue a self-adhesive hanger on the back, in the centre.






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 5: Assembly


Glue your pyramids to the cardboard base, trying to alternate colours and optimising their layout to ensure that they're as close together as possible.






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 6: Finishing touches



If there are any visible areas of cardboard, you can stick smaller pyramids on to fill these spaces.

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