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Create a typographic paper poster

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Time required: 1 hr 30 mins


Say it with paper... Create a colourful typographic paper poster. With this tutoriel DIY papier,  you can illustrate the word "Thanks".


List of materials:





Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step: Templates


Download and print the word from the "Typography" template  on standard paper (80g).






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 2 : Preparing the word


Roughly cut out the outline of the word, put glue on the word and stick it onto your sheet of Canson® Iris Vivaldi black paper.

We recommend that you use a glue stick or another glue which doesn't contain much water to avoid damaging the paper.





Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 3 : Cutting out


Cut out the inner shapes of the word using a metal ruler and a craft knife: start by cutting all the vertical lines, then the horizontal lines and finish off by cutting out the rounded letters by hand.

This technique will create a clean, straight finish.

Start by removing the inner shapes before removing the overall shape from the A4 sheet, cutting precisely.



Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 4 : Choosing colours


Choose a range of  Canson® Mi-Teintes papers, including a sheet for the background and 3 or 4 colours to fill in the gaps within the word.






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 5 : Transferring the inner shapes


Turn your letters over and use a pencil to draw the outline of the shapes to be filled in on the coloured paper of your choice.

Mark any areas which have already been drawn with a small cross to avoid duplicates or as a reminder to leave them.

When transferring the outlines onto your Canson® Mi-Teintes sheets of paper, make sure that the shapes aren't too close to each other: ensure that there's a gap of at least 5mm between each shape.



Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 6 : Cutting out the coloured paper


With scissors, cut all the shapes you've transferred onto the coloured paper, with a margin of 2-3mm outside the line.






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 7 : Glueing the coloured paper behind the word


On the reverse side of the letters, use a brush to apply glue to the area to be filled, then place the small piece of paper on top of the glue, making sure that you keep the outline facing upwards so that it's not visible when you turn the letter over.

Don't use too much glue and spread it out well - it mustn't run.



Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 8 : Glueing


Lastly, glue everything to the backing material.

You can then frame your creation, give it as a present, use it as a thank you card - it's up to you!

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