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Drawing a Dragon

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Here you’ll learn how to draw a fire-breathing dragon in 5 steps! By using this simple and fun method for learning how to draw, kids will become true artists!


To draw your dragon, you can use Canson® ‘C’ à Grain®, Mi-Teintes® or Vivaldi® paper.







Step 1


Begin by drawing an outline of your dragon’s body using a pencil.





Step 2


Add an outline of its feet and tale.





Step 3


Add the details in the picture.

Rub out the unnecessary lines, which are dotted.




Step 4


Add detail to its face and draw a flame.





Step 5


Add whichever colours you want to your drawing, and put the finishing touches to it by adding a background or some scenery (such as some soldiers).






Been inspired by this activity sheet? Here's a way to take the adventure even further! Canson is offering you the chance to showcase your pupils' creation(s) by sharing it/them with our community. We'd love to see what they've created, no matter what it is! If you'd like us to do this, simply send us a message via the contact form.

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