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Drawing a face

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  • What you need to know
  • A rule of proportion: the length of your hand is equal to the length of your face from your chin to the roots of your hair. Check it out!

Do you know how to draw a circle and some lines? Then you know how to draw a face! Putting a few points of reference in place first will greatly simplify your task. Concentrate a little, review some geometry and you're all set!


6 steps for drawing a face


  • Step 1: draw a freehand circle.
  • Step 2: draw the vertical and horizontal diameters (red lines).
  • Step 3: now draw two horizontal lines, cutting the circle into three parts (purple lines). Do the same thing with two vertical lines.
  • Step 4: extend the circle downward by drawing an oval below it. do so by drawing a U, like the illustration.
  • Step 5: draw a new horizontal line halfway between the bottom of the circle and the bottom of the U (yellow lines).
  • Step 6: everything is ready for adding the main facial features:
  • the eyes go on the lower horizontal line of the circle, where the two vertical lines marking the thirds intersect (Y).
  • the eyebrows go above the eyes, at the level of the horizontal diameter.
  • start the bridge of the nose at the center of that horizontal line and put the tip of the nose at the level of the lower line of the circle.
  • draw the ears between the level of the eyes and the tip of the nose.
    ocate the mouth on the horizontal line drawn in the U.

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