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Framing: Attach the hanging ring

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This method is suitable for lightweight projects. Other methods provide for attaching a hanger in the molding of the frame.

What you need to know

  • The system includes a metal ring approximately 2 cm in diameter fitted with a tie (of metal or a length of linen), which will be placed inside of the backing board.
  • For a work larger than 30 x 40 cm or a heavy work, use two rings, at the same level and spaced equally from the side edges.


Attach the ring on the backing board


Materials: 1 ring, 1 strip of linen (10 cm), 1 small hammer, 1 utility knife, white glue, Kraft paper.

  • Position the ring at a point one-third from the top of the board, and at an equal distance from the side edges.
  • Mark the placement of the ring on the backing board with a pencil. With the utility knife, cut a horizontal slit, about 1.5 cm wide.
  • Pass the linen strip through the ring and fold it in half.
  • Using the blade of the utility knife, slide the two folded ends through the slit in the backing board,
  • Pull enough through so that the ring is against the board, while still being movable.


Finish the application


  • Fold each strip of linen vertically on both sides of the slit. Trace their outline in pencil.
  • Trim out those areas, with the utility knife, to a depth equal to the thickness of the linen strip. Be gentle to avoid weakening the board.
  • Cover the surfaces with white glue, press down on the strips of linen, using a small hammer, if needed.
  • Reinforce the assembly using strips of Kraft paper attached in a cross with white glue.

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