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Framing: Attaching delicate elements with glue

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Do you add subtle decorative elements to your framing projects? Yes, but you tear your hair out just thinking about gluing delicate or tiny items... That's normal! Before you begin, distempering or glazing will make your work much easier.

Things to know

  • Distempering in tylose glue will soften brittle materials and strengthen delicate papers. The area to be decorated will be coated with white glue.
  • Glazing consists of briefly placing a porous and flexible material on a glue-covered glazing plate. Once it is dry, it will be waterproof and stiffer.


Distempering in diluted tylose glue


  • Dilute the glue
  • Apply it on the back of the trim piece, using a roller or a large brush, working from the center to the edge.
  • Smooth a fine layer of white glue on the area to be decorated (using a roller or a brush).
  • Add the distempered trim piece, still moist, smooth with a blotter, then put under the weight of a press for 15 minutes. Be sure to remove any air bubbles.




Glazing porous materials


  • Using a roller, cover your glazing plate with a fine layer of white glue.
  • Position the trim piece, wrong side down on the glazing plate, using light pressure for a few seconds. (Encadrement-011-B)
  • Lift the assembly off the glazing plate carefully (to avoid misshaping it), then let it dry on a blotter, glue side visible.
  • Coat the surface to be decorated with white glue. Put the glazed item on top, smooth and put under the weight of a press for 15 minutes.


For some tiny pieces, for example for turned edges, you may use double-sided tape.


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