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Framing: Create an undermat

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Created from four strips of paper laminate or colored paperboard, the undermat is a second mat which shows beyond the first. What effect is created? A narrow border around the mat opening that enlivens and enlarges the subject!

Good to know

  • Of a visible width less than 3 mm, you cut it directly in colored card stock.
  • Of a greater width, it is better to create from a neutral stock (white, ivory...): you will then cover it in your choice of material (lightweight papers, fabrics etc).


Make a simple undermat


Preparation: Cut four strips of paper laminate or paperboard to the following dimensions:

            - Width = what will be visible + 3 cm

            - Length = of the mat opening + 2 cm at each end.

  • Cut the ends of two bands to be placed together at 45°. If you use strips of paperboard: you must cover them with paper. For this step: cut strips of paper of the larger dimensions, glue them on the paperboard strips and turn them in.
  • Glue and position the bands under the first mat.
  • Repeat for the two bands on the ends.
  • Smooth with a blotter and put under pressure for 15 minutes.


Create an undermat with a lightweight covering


If the trim material is very lightweight (Japanese paper, tissue paper etc.), make an undermat in a single piece from paperboard, then cover it by strip.

The dimensions will be:

  • the outer dimensions will be those of the framing package,
  • the inner dimensions will be those of the mat opening, increased by the desired visible width of the undermat.

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