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Framing: Maintaining your equipment

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Cleaning paintbrushes and rollers


  • Rinse them with soap and water, scrubbing the handles and ferrules well, shaking to get rid of most of the moisture.
  • Carefully wipe dry the parts likely to rust, smoothing out the paintbrush bristles with your fingers.
  • Allow to dry flat on a paper towel.


Wipe off your work surfaces


  • Clean the glazing surface and the gluing area with water. Scrub hardened deposits with an abrasive sponge.
  • Carefully wipe off your main working area and your tools.



Put away your current framing project


Items which are still drying should remain in the press. Store other items flat, in a portfolio case, or stacked in a box, separated by sheets of acid free-paper.


Storing tylose glue


Keep it in an airtight container.  A few of tricks of the trade will help keep your specially mixed glues smooth flowing for up to seven days: add a drop of turpentine or a pinch of alum powder to the mixture. Use a light touch: alum increases acidity.


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