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Framing: Mount the work on the backing board

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After days of intense concentration, the moment has arrived to hang your frame on the wall. Hardly time to admire your work and it has already slipped from the mat... To avoid this disappointment, think of fastening the document to a mounting board, made from paperboard.


What you need to know

The nature of the document determines the technique:

  • solid and not valuable: direct gluing,
  • strong, but valuable: Kraft paper strip mounting,
  • fragile: hinge mounting


Center the document


  • Position the document on the paperboard and top with the mat. Center any other elements.
  • Remove the mat without disturbing the document.
  • Very lightly trace the corners of the document on the mounting board with a pencil.


Direct glue method


  • Apply (with a roller) a thin layer of white glue on the paperboard inside the reference marks.
  • Position the document, smooth with a blotter.
  • Put under the weight of a press for 15 minutes.


Kraft paper strip mounting


  • Cut four strips of white Kraft paper, the dimensions of the document + 2 cm.
  • Position the document on the mounting board.
  • Dampen a first strip of Kraft paper, stretch with your hands and align it with half on the left edge of the document and half on the mounting board. Smooth the Kraft paper with a blotter.
  • Repeat for the other strips.




Hinge mounting method


    Cut two strips of Kraft paper 2 x 1 cm.

    • Fold each strip in half, glue one face of the fold, apply on the back of the document, near an upper corner.
    • Glue the other face, put the document on the mounting board and press for several minutes.


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