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Make your own paper lamps

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Time required: 2 hours

Decorate your home interior, create a soft, intimate ambiance and light up your garden table with a string of paper lamps featuring cutout designs.



List of materials: 
Canson® Iris Vivaldi® 240 g/m2 Fuchsia, Straw yellow, Rose petal, Royal bkue
Canson® Tracing Paper
Craft knife
Paper glue
LED candles
Template: Paper lamps with cutout designs




Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 1 : Templates


Download templates for Canson® paper lamps with cutout designs..

Print these on to sheets of Canson® Iris Vivaldi® paper. You may choose to print the designs at full size or alter the scale slightly when printing in order to obtain pyramids of different sizes.





Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 2 : Cutting out


To avoid weakening the paper, start by cutting out the inner designs before cutting round the outside of the lamp shapes.






Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 3 : Adding tracing paper


Cut out four triangles from Canson® tracing paper for each lamp.

Apply a small amount of glue to the inside surface of the templates and stick them down, ideally using a glue stick, which will avoid crumpling the tracing paper.





Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 4 : Assembling the pyramids


Using the craft knife, gently score the folds in the pyramids and tab, using a ruler to assist you.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the tab and stick, holding in place for a few seconds

Repeat for the other lamps.




Papercutting Canson Vivaldi

Step 5 : Finishing touches


Place an LED candle underneath each pyramid and arrange them as required to decorate furniture, tabletops, etc.

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